Sunday, May 01, 2005

Not Your Average Blog Post

Cao’s Blog � Feminist dogma is, in my opinion, something more than your average blog post. This is an excellant compendium of radical feminist thought. It also links to a similar, more detailed page in Fathers for Life. Both expose, among other things, a feminism so virulent and vendictive as to make Rosemary Radford Reuther look mainstream. While a case could possibly be made for "proof texting", I honestly cannot envision a context where any of the quotes could be construed as good for humanity. While it is true that all feminists are man-haters, they must come to grips with their existance and stop denying it..
Having said that, those of us who identify ourselves as orthodox Christians also have to acknowledge that there are those in the faith who do embrace a kind of come-to-Jesus-and-check-your-brain-at-the-door outlook who are just as much in error as those whom they fight with. I am referring to knee-jerk reactions more than doctrinal stance. Like it or not, and this applies both to Christians as well as feminists, we have to acknowledgethat our rabid bretheren and sisteren exist.
Does this excuse the demonizing of Christians? Not in the least. But if it is wrong for one side to use an extreme example to protray an oppononent, it is wrong for all sides. It is intellectually dishonest and does nothing to facilitate coming together as a people.

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