Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Impeach Judge Kirk

Accorsing to Lost In Lima Ohio ,Circuit Judge Philip Kirk seems to think girls who, BY LAW, cannot consent are able to have to have consentual sex. After refusing to impose sentence on the felony, the prosecutor went "over the head" of Hizzoner and the full sentence (including placement on the sex offender registry) was imposed. Then Kirk stayed the sentence for 100 years.
In all likelyhood, the perp will be back in front of a judge on similar charges. We can only hope it is not Judge Kirk. We can only hope that the Judge Kirks of the world are impeached if they refuse to follow the law.

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dybie said...

I would do whatever it take to get this guy off the bench! My son at the age of 18 & his girlfriend over a few months had sex when she came to his house. It was the mother of the girl that said her daughter would never willingly participate in such a way. After the mother filed charges she was told the whole truth about her daugher & the fact that she lied about her age & even used her sisters ID, who is older. But the state could only see one more child molester & it would look good to the public to convict. So they have ruined his life. He is now 31, can't find a job because the probation officer calls his futur place of employment & tells him he's a felony sex offender. Ususally when they let him go before he starts to work, they say it's because of moral issues. That way they stay clear of any discrimination. He has been arrested during a college class because he was living in one state & didn't remove himself from that registery. But in fact he let the probation officer in the state where he attends school that he was there. They told him just to check in once a month to see if anything changes, because he was still listed as a permenant resident of the other state. Well, the other state pressed charges, but they were later dissmissed only after he had to drop out of his last semester of college and he lost a job it took 7 month to find. Now he puts in job ap's 3 - 4 times a week and he does get interviews, but that is all they are... iterviews. How many couples out there have has sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend when one was under the age of 17 1/2?? Does that make you a petifile? The girl is living a wonderful life and has had many boyfriends since my son & had a few before my son, but he pay every day of his life. His biggest worry is that his daughter will someday find out & will hate him or even worse be afraid of him. Something must be done but where do we begin. If they are deserving sexual offenders then they need to be taken off the street. But where do we as humans draw the line.