Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Promise to not Liveblog the Event

As some of you know, I have diverticulosis. Which is pretty benign in and of itself. If, however, one of the diverticulae becomes inflamed or infected it becomes diverticulitis which can develope into peritinitis. About a month back I had what seemed to be the onset of a diverticulitis attack. It passed, sort of. I noticed when I went back to rugby practice the pain in the lower left persisted but no other symptoms.

I visited the doctor last week who referred me to a gastrointerologist. Yesterday the gi ordered me to have a colonoscopy. All I can say at this point is that there will definately be no posts here on June 7 except maybe to report results.
I will spare you a blow-by-blow of the event, though. I am hoping this rules out the necessity for surgery and more time lost from work.

Donations will be appreciated though as I've already lost time and income due to whatever is causing this incessant pain.

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