Monday, May 08, 2006

Errr, Pastor, God would like to have a Word with You

It is one thing for churches to support the rights of immigrants. It is also one thing for the church to show Christian love and charity to those people who have entered a country illegally. I have no problems with either of those. However, when it comes to pastors allowing their churches to become mosques, then we have a problem.
This is not one denomination allowing the fledgling congregation of another church to use their abandoned old sanctuary. This is allowing the desecration of a place consecrated for Christian worship. Moving altars, covering icons so the Muslims can have their prayer services. They are desecrating the churches and doing so with the apparent blessing of the priests/pastors of the churches involved. These "defenders of the faith" must be removed from their positions and defrocked.
There are mosques in Belgium so there is no need for Christian churches to be handing themselves over for desecration to become more mosques.
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