Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I would Join this Boycott, but...

...I never celebrate Cinco de Mayo anyway. In May 1st Boycott Back On, Let’s Boycott ‘Cinco de Mayo’, the Uncooperative Blogger suggests boycotting the usuall May 5th celebration.I don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo because I am not of Hispanic extraction. That and I think that Corona is brewed by putting good beer in a trough and a bucket under a goat. Likewise, I do not observe St. Patrick's Day because I am not an Irish Catholic. I do, however observe Robert Burns day since I am of Scotish extraction. I do not, however, use the day as an excuse to go drinking. This is a round about way of saying, me boycotting Cinco de Mayo would prove nothing.

To me the bigger question is why are there enough US citizens celebrating May 5 that a boycott would send a palpable message?

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The Uncooperative Blogger said...

The funny thing is "cinco de mayo" is not a big deal in Mexico, it is a big deal in the USA. Also, in many states, like California and Texas, they purchase huge amounts of Mexican products.

Why hurt Mexico? Because Mexico has gotten involved in our politics over this issue, and they make about 20 billion per year off of money sent to Mexico from illegal aliens.

J, you might be purchasing more Mexican products than you know. Do you know where your produce comes from?