Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gee, but Life is so Unfair

According to "ehticists", the catch-a-perv-in-the-act movement we see regarding online predators "crosses the line" WHAT LINE? Mosey on over to Raven's And Rightly So! � Citizen Pedophile Seekers and give it a read.

It seems that these ethicists are afraid that, “We may get a whole raft of people who are entrapped into committing crimes that they otherwise wouldn’t normally do". Somebody needs to tell these people that the contact is most often initiated by the predator. I would agree that if, and ONLY IF, the decoy makes the first move they would have a point.

What I would like to know is where the Boston Herald's "ethicists" are on the subject of adults having sexually oriented conversations with children in the first place. They are overly concerned with entrapment. These are supposedly adults. Adults who have an experiential advantage over these children and think nothing of exploiting it. Just because they think Humbert Humbert is a role model does not make it right.

If a pervert is looking for a "sweet young thing" and initiates the transaction and gets busted by a decoy.... Well in the words of Loki, "Dry tears shall I cry"

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