Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Where do You Run now, Rudolph?

Ever since he was first identified as a suspect in the Olympic bombing as well as a number of abortion clinic bombings and two murders that resulted from same, Eric Rudolph has been the poster boy for every pro abortion and/or anti Christian group. He is supposedly the proof that religion creates evil people intent on killing.
Errrr...i hate to break it to you, okay I don't hate to, but Rudolph is not a Christian. He is more a disciple of Friedrich "God id dead" Nietzsche than he is of Jesus of Nazareth according to - Special report: Eric Rudolph writes home.. The simple fact is that Eric Rudolph never enjoyed the wide-spread support of any responsible Christian group or church. Yes, there were a few misguided sould who thought him a hero, none of whom can be reasonably be called Christian under any definition of orthodoxy. I find it ironic that Rudolph was motivated by Nietzsche. Ironic in that Nietzsche was also the motivating force behind Margret Sanger. Then again, both show little regard for human life, their protestations to the contrary not withstanding.
The irony was not lost on Dawn Eden either.

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