Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Long Hour (or so) this Morning

I awoke this morning and began my normal routine. I got up, booted the comp, then went out and got a local newspaper while the diskscan was running. When I got back I read the editorials, sports and local news. As I was reading the comics online my youngest son came in and turned on the morning news. That is when I saw it. London.
My oldest son is working an internship at Cambridge. Not very far from London and it was not inconceivable he could be there. Unfortunately there was no way to get a phone call into England. Well, I would have to keep trying, wouldn't I. I sent him an email asking him to respond, let us know he was okay. Was I being irrational? Maybe, maybe not. When you're on the other side of the Atlantic the distance between London and Cambridge seems negligible first thing in the morning before the first cup of coffee.
I thought about calling in to work. But what would that accomplish? If I go in I would at least have something to keep me occupied. I showered and got dressed and we were heading out the door and our youngest came hollaring for us to come back. He had gotten an email from his brother. He was alright! A weight was lifted.
Now this is where I'm supposed to have this big revelation that the war is wrong and calling for us to cut and run so this does not happen again. Sorry, that is not going to happen. I think we must continue so that the cowards who perpetrated this attack in London will not become emboldened thinking that we will recoil everytime they set off a bomb somewhere.
True, my son's close call might not really be all that close, but from this side of the Pond it was close enough. I pray for those families who didn't, and won't get that reassuring email or phone call after the attack. Some will learn the bad news from an official coming to visit them, some may have to live with knowing no more than that a loved one is missing presumed dead. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families

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