Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just a Bunch of Law-abiding, Freedom-loving "Hacktivists"...NOT!

So what does your basic fun-loving leftwing geek do when s/he has too much time on their hands? Apparently they hack, steal the credit card numbers from their database and plan to charge hundreds in contributions, do mischief with PW's email addressbook then go out and have a beer then return home to their inflatable girlfriends. There are some, like the folks at Great Scat seem to think this was some harmless prank. Sorry, this goes beyond changing your blog's name. This is identity theft, pure and simple, and a felony, the last time I looked. And by the way, "moonbat" is as much a term of endearment than "wingnut" is.
Actually, it might have been interesting had they done the bogus charges. You see, when there is fraudulent use of a credit card, and this would have been fraud, the recipient of the ill-gotten gain gets to eat the loss. In this case it means returning the "donation". This could really prove costly if the money had been committed for use. In the long run, these morons would have harmed their pet "charities" more than help them. Maybe they are as stupid as some of them look.
Thank you, Michelle Malkin

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