Friday, July 01, 2005

Brian Williams: Valedictorian of the Jimmy Carter School of History

Michelle Malkin shows the naked stupidity of the NBC "news" anchor in, "BRIAN WILLIAMS SAID WHAT?". It seems that Williams thinks that that fought for our independence were terrorists, or at least the moral equivilent of same. Now, to be fair to Carter, he only said the revolution was unnecessary but caused by the colonists' hubris. Williams does this in the context of the possible identification of the new Iranian president as one of the hostage-takers from back in 1979, oddly enough under Jimmy Carter's watch. Mr. Williams, when you can show an instance where women and children were targeted by suicide bombers, or civilians beheaded by American troops, then I might lend credence to argument. However, as it stands I will continue not watching your "news" program until they can find somebody competent to replace you.

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