Friday, July 29, 2005


No, this is not a reference to the syndicated column by fellow South Carolinian. But it is about what has happened to Michael. According to Michael GrahamMichelle Malkin: CRITICIZING ISLAM ON THE AIRWAVES, Michael has been suspended indefinately due to pressure from those happy-go-lucky moderate Muslims at CAIR. You know, the terrorist supporters who claim they are not despite all evidence to the contrary.
Of Michael should have had an idea of what a coach goes through when a general manager or athletics director says that the coach has "my full confidence" when the folks at WMAL originally said they were standing behind him. I can imagine the sinking feeling he felt as he watched them wimp out in the face of CAIR's bullying. But Michael is in good company, CAIR has done the same with Paul Harvey and Dr. Laura.
OKay, you people out there in media land, when are you going to drop the pretense that the Islamofacists are going to play nice if we do. After Michael's suspension CAIR immediately pushed for his firing. YOU CANNOT APPEASE BULLIES! Ask Neville Chamberlain. We are at war. A war on terror. When is out 5th column press going to wake up to that fact? The folks at WMAL are still asleep at the switch on this point. They are not losing their voice; they are abdicating it, giving it up. How long before we hear them whining about being censored? They were not censored, they simply CAIR'ed too much.

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