Saturday, October 09, 2004

Now you can pat them on the head

How many times has it happened. You make the statement that the MSM news is slanted, only to have your listener smile condescendingly, pat you on the head (figuratively speaking) and respond something to the effect of, "Oh, what an ammusing idea.
First there was the RATHER embarrassing episode at CBS news using forged documents to make scurrilous allegations. Now along comes Marc Halperin, ABC News' political director, who has been
kind enough to author a memo calling for a DOUBLE STANDARD in the reporting of the campaignes of Mssrs Bush and Kerry.
The worst part of this is that while I have zero respect for either Rather or Halperin, I have to thank them both for giving us solid evidence of the media bias actually being conspiratorial, rather than incidental. Here's to you, "gentlemen"

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