Saturday, October 16, 2004

More on the Morons in Tenn.

People who know me know I have almost zero affection for the Democrat Party. Even I, however, have no wish to see this kind of thing. I don't enjoy seeing enjoy seeing Dems exceeding the worst things I think about them as a party. They have succeeded.
I have been thinking about this since I first saw it
in Michelle Malkin's site As much as it pains me, I have come to the conclusion that the eugenicists in the Democratic Party have gained so much control they think nothing of making such vile comments about a group they think nothing of aborting. It is obvious that somebody thought they could make this poster with impunity. According to the story it had been in distribution for two weeks before the story broke. I honestly don't know what disgusts me more, the existance of the poster, or the fact that a number of people thought this sort of thing is acceptable in human discourse.

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