Sunday, October 17, 2004

My Thoughts on the Petition to John Ashcroft.

There is currently a move afoot to petition the US Attorney-General, John Ashcroft to prosecute John Kerry in order to have him disqualified to be president. I am not going to post the link for one reason, I am against this tactic. It makes us look like we are running scared! Do we really want to do that? Do we really want to help the left perpetuate the notion that W can't get elected on his own merits and has to continually resort to legalisms?
Now I still think that Kerry and Edwards are both arrogant jackasses and undeserving of the offices they are seeking. Let's let the process take its course. Now if evidence turns up that Mr. Kerry has committed such crimes then go for it. Having said that I must also add that we shouldn't go on a fishing expedition that makes the Great Pumpkin look like a sympathetic figure.

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