Thursday, October 21, 2004

More on Duke's hosting pro-Terrorist Conference

According to FOX News Duke is coming under fire for hosting a conference which praised terrorist attacks and refused to renounce support of terror. What I found interesting in the story was this little tid bit:
""It is a pretty standard criticism of groups that campaign for Palestinian rights, because any criticism of Israel — especially in this country — is seen as anti-Semitic," said Rann Bar-On of the PSM. "Being Israeli myself, I see that as completely baseless."

This went beyond criticism of Israel. This applauded the intentional killing of Israeli civilians and children from behind the cover of their own children.
This continuation of Hitler's final solution cannot be allowed to continue.The most disgusting part of this is that an arm of the denomination to which I belong not only hosted but encouraged this. If there are any Duke alums out there in agreement with me (especially heavy contributing ones)please express your displeasure to the administration.

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