Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ralph, I'm Waiting!

LOCAL ISSUE:John Spratt and his campaigne is giddily reporting that the GOP is pulling all the ad buys for Ralph Norman. Apparently somebody in the party agrees with me that Ralph has some explaining to do. ever since the news broke about illegal aliens being on Norman's payroll I have been awaiting a response from him. This is was the best chance of unseating Spratt that we have had in as long as I can remember. It appears to be going by the boards. The longer this goes without response the more traction it gets. Way to go, Ralph!
I am sorry, Ralph, but an email asking for donations to buy advertising is NOT the response I was looking for. Was it sloppy, less-than-dilligent HR practices? Or was it (even worse) that you were just hoping that nobody would find out about it despite there being a public record of your having been caught in the past? Is there anything else you have held back?
Well? I'm waiting.

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