Thursday, October 05, 2006

Now, In My best Emily Litella voice...

The DRUDGE REPORT seems to have added a new wrinkle to the Mark Foley mess. It seems that his "underaged victim" was really eighteed at the time the IMs were exchanged. Unless there is evidence (Nancy Pelosi's speculations do not count as evidence) that he did in fact engage in sexually explicit communication with a minor then the criminal matter should be dropped.
That said, there is, however, the issue of unethical behavior regarding such communication with a subordinate. Such sexual misconduct must be addressed. It is obvious that Mr. Foley lacks the judgement and scruples that should be necessary to sit in the a perfect world. Given the current make up of the political class in Washington, he seems to fit right in.

HT: Sister Toldja

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