Monday, October 02, 2006

He Should have been Arrested

Even when he was in college, Albert Haynesworth was a cheapshot artist. His fans would turn a blind eye to it. "That's [art of the game" was and continues to be the stock defense.Yesterday he took his "game" to the next level by stomping on the head of the Dallas Cowboys' center. "I did it and it's wrong. That's not the game of football that's not how it's supposed to be played.", said Haynesworth after the game. They why did you do it, Albert. The man was down and his helmet was off! I agree with Chris Collinsworth. The police should have come in the field and taken him off in handcuffs.
There is no place for that in football or any other sport for that matter.
Even more aggrivating to me was the fact he did it against the Cowboys, a team I have actively despised for as long as I can remember. I had to be sympathetic toward them. $%@#

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