Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have no Use for...

... pederasts. Especially those who operate from under cover of authority. It was dispicable when Gerry Studds did it then turned his back on the House of Representatives as he was being censured. Yeah, the people of his district re-elected him repeatedly. All I can say is they get what they deserve if they voted him back in.
The same is true of anybody calling themselves "conservative" or "Republican" calling for continuing support of Mark Foley. Yes, Michael Savage, I'm talking to you. While he did start the second look at the awful Dubai ports mess, that does not give him a pass. What he has been accused of and practically admitted to, is nothing short of pederasty. I don't care if he is gay. I do care that that he was doing this under the cover of authority. Sorry, but after that any good he may have done goes straight by the boards.
At least Foley has done the honorable thing and resigned (as oppsoed to the aforementioned Studds). The usual quasi-sincere apology (sorry he got caught) accompanied. I only hope he didn't resign with the expectation that he will get light treatment. I am tired of the Jimmy Swaggart-esque tearful plea for forgiveness.

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