Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let's See what Kind of Play This Gets

Remember back in October how all we heard about how a certain congressman from Florida was evil incarnate, and how nobody's children were safe around Republicans? Remember the "bent-over page" jokes? Most importantly, remember how Republicans by-and-large shunned the guy when it came to light? I remember it all ad nauseum along with the Democrats' claim of moral superiority when it comes to their lack of toleration for sexual misconduct with children.

It seems their intolerance works only one way (big surprise). according to WorldNetDaily: Court shocker: 10 months for kiddie porn producer They not only tolerated, but actively lobbied for a light sentence for a child pornography producer named Andrew Reed. While Foley's conduct was reprehensible, at least it involved people over the age of consent in DC. This guy was using children as young as six. Reed was facing a possible 81 years, he got 10 months! 10 months! That is no typo.

It gets better, some of his supporters think that was too much!

And Oralene Graves-Simmons, a Democrat [emphasis added] who leads the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Association of Asheville, wrote a page and a half extolling Reed's virtues.

"When the decision was made in 2001 to incorporate the Association as an independent non-profit organization, Andy was instrumental in making it happen. He wrote the new organization's by-laws, revised and edited its incorporation papers, and, with me, determined the makeup of its founding board of directors," Graves-Simmons wrote.

"It was for his ten years of dedicated service that last January the MLK Association honored Andy with the 2005 Community Humanitarian Award," she wrote.

She noted he's also served on governing or advisory boards to the Montford Park Players, a theater company that operates each summer.

"Andy has spent all the years that I've known him bringing people together regardless of race, creed, color, or other differences, gladly working with anyone and everyone, and doing whatever needs to be done, to accomplish our mutual goals," she wrote.

Nice to know Dems only support child pornographers who are active in local political/cultural issues. At least he won't be permitted around children when he gets out. Unfortunately the ones who are children when he went in will still be children when they should be well past retiremant age when he should get out. The next time a Democrat mentions Mark Foley, just mention Andrew Reed and how they rallied behind him to get a light sentence. This is worse than their standing ovation for Gerry Studds.

By the way, the prosecutor responsible for this travesty is a Democrat (another shocker there).

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