Friday, November 17, 2006

Impeachment by the Numbers

The giddy talk about impeachment from the Left has not subsided, Nancy Pelosi's assurances that will not happen not withstanding.blonde sagacity: Impeachment Papers...? has more on this.

Realisticly, can they impeach? Well, yes and no. The resolution of impeachment only requires a simple majority to pass the House. A simple party-line vote would give them that. When it gets to the Senate where the actual trial takes place it will become more difficult. Removal from office requires a two thirds majority or 66.6666 ad infinitum which translates into 67. A party-line vote in the Senate would be an embarrassment for the Dems as they only have 50 votes. 52 if you count the "Independents". They still need almost a third of the GOP to cross over. I have yet to see a "crime" in any of the whining currently being done by the Dems. If perjury wasn't enough of a crime to remove Clinton, I doubt 15 Republicans will support this nonsense.

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