Sunday, September 04, 2005

Please Tell me this is just a Bad Joke

The Irish Trojan is reporting the incredible comments made by the head of FEMA. If he truly meant what he said, Mike Brown should be sumarily dismissed from his position for gross incompetence. Yes the mayor of New Orleans and governor of Louisiana screwed up royaly in not using available resuorces to evacuate the city before Katrina made landfall. Every $@#! public official, elected or appointed, should have know that those leveys were at best suspect in a storm as strong as Katrina and that some if not all of them would fail.
Now, if any of those who were left in NO were there because they did not want to evacuate, then yes, they made their bed. However, that was not the case universally. Many did not own their own transportation. School buses and public transportation could, and should have been used to aid the evacuation. Instead they were left parked in neat rows and now either need major repairs and/or replacement. The looting should have been dealt with immediately with looters being shot on sight.
That being said, Mike brown is in no way absolved for his grossly inadequate actions in response to this. He let a horrific situation degenerate even further in a very short time. Inadequate food and water distribution. Little or no waste management allowing a potential disaster for a catastrophic disease outbreak. The honorable thing for Mr. Brown to do would be to tender his resignation immediately. But as with most bureaucrats, Republican or Democrat, the honorable thing is never a consideration.

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