Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Blame Game

There is a lot of blame being levied for events in New Orleans. "It is all Bush's fault!" Some have gone so far as to accuse the President of sending in the National Guard to shoot black people. Actually that order was to shoot looters and came from the governor of Louisiana (about three days late in my opinion). Yes it is all Bush's fault for urging the evacuation of New Orleans days before Katrina made landfall (the urging was ignored by both the governor and the mayor of NO). It was Bush's fault for declaring the area a disaster BEFORE the storm hit in order to allow relief to start immediately. Of course it was Bush's fault that the mayor of New Orleans allowed this to happen:

That is right, every one of those buses could have been used to get people out of town and kept inland where they would not have been flooded out like they are now. They are all parked in neat rows like they were during the storm, and they will stay that way because every one of them needs to have major repairs on them or replaced.
It is also Bush's fault that the NO police department did nothing to prevent (at best) and according to some reports actually participated in the looting themselves.
Sorry Mr. mayor...that does not wash...pun intended

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