Sunday, September 11, 2005

Four years

Four years ago today I got up and called into work sick. I was not playing hooky I was having what seemed to be flu. I did not realize that that in just a couple of hours I would be a great deal sicker. At first I thought it was a drunken pilot until the second plane hit. Then the Pentagon was reported next. Then came the word of a fourth plane that went down in Pennsylvania which we later learned was hijacked but the passengers fought back.
As the usual suspects began claiming credit, and the video reached us of some Muslims dancing in celebration it became obvious that there are some with whom peaceful co-existance is impossible. Like it or not it is them or us. I would rather the fighting be over there than on our own soil if fight we must. We are past the point where we have the luxury of treating terrorists attacks as a crime for which the perpetrators have executed themselves. This is not the time to lose our resolve and cut and run as Mrs. Sheehan et al would have us do.
Is there a better way? If there was I would certainly advocate it. There seems to be no negotiating with a group that hates the US, Christians and any other non-Muslim. So long as those who maintain this homicidal practice of taking out the infidels with no condemnation by their fellow travellers (and in some cases their applause), fighting is our only option.
Please do not cite the 9/11 commission. As far as I am concerned that was a dog and pony show with one of its members (Jamie Gorelik) responsible for the failure of Mohamed Atta not being identified to the FBI even before Bush was elected. Apparently the previous administration was more concerned with possible political fallout.

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