Sunday, November 21, 2010

Louis Renault Award 11/21/10... And the Winner is:

Charlie Rangel . But it was close this week, he had close competition from soon-to-be-former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Now Pelosi has some style, I'll give her that. A huge percent of the sixty Hous seats that flipped were taken by making Nancy the issue. To her this was proof of her effective leadership.
What won it for Rangel was the fact that, barring expusion, he will still be on the committee that writes monetary policy for the country. After being caught violating numerous House ethics rules he showed up at the committe hearing asking for time to find a lawyer. Now, he had one which resigned. Then he stonewalled claiming he needed time to get another laywer. The hearing committee was not having any of that and declared he had offered no defense. When the full committee met for its recommendation he showed up using his years of service as a defense. Then for good measure he brought in John Lewis to argue that he knew nothing of the charges against Good-Time Charlie but he was important in the Civil Rights Movement.
While Pelosi was reduced to being a yap-yap dog with a title. Not to worry, San Fran Nan still has potential and may win yet. In the mean time, however, this is for you, Charlie:

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