Saturday, November 13, 2010

The First Weekly JRHOO Captain Louis Renault Award goes to:

Welcome to the first weekly presentation of the JRHOO Captain Louis Renault Award. For those of you scratching your head going, "The what?" I will give you a little background.
In the movie, Casablanca, Captain Renault was the pragmatic, quasi-corrupt but somewhat likable chief of police. Under pressure to do something he knew he shouldn't he concocted an absurd claim only to have that claim put to the lie almost immediately as seen in this clip:

This week's co recipients are Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and Obama Shadow Government Czarina Carol Browner who after months of denying that they misrepresented the opinions that "peer-reviewed" their moratorium on offshore drilling, saw their lie crumble before their eyes with the report of the Interior Department Inspector General as detailed by Michelle Malkin. One caveat about the award, the recipients, like in this case Salazar and Browner, will not always be somewhat likable like Captain Renault. In fact, I don't see that ever happening.

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