Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's My Award...

...and I can ba as capricious with it as I want. Well, I am about to present a special Captain Louis Renault award to the most deserving man on the face of the earth. The Father of the internet himself, Mr. Inconvenient Truth himself, Al Gore.

Seems that the former Senator from Tennessee stumbled upon an inconvenient truth of his own,, that those ethanol subsidies he pushed have contributed to a rise in food prices. Well, duh! Most sane people were trying to point this out during the debate on the legislation. Now, Prince Albert is saying that he is shocked, shocked to learn that food prices are going up because you take 41% of your corn out of the food supply.

So, Mr. Gore, in recognition for your lifetime achievment in corruption masked by phony cluelessness, this is for you:

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