Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well, There goes my Favorite Parody of "I Like Chinese"

Amy Proctor - Blog - French Foreign Minister Calls Code Pink 'Stupid' During Interruption tells of the French president referring to Code Pink as "stupid".
You fellow Monty Python fans remember Eric Idol singing "I Like Chinese". Well Glenn Beck did a quite amusing parody called "I like the French" It goes something like this:(note: I'm working from memory here, He has it on his website but you have to be an Insider to get to it)

I like the French
I like the French
L like to club them with a wrench.
They're rude
They're hateful
and their language makes no sense

Now along comes a new president who does not have the backbone of a chocolate eclaire like his predecessor. I may have to stop singing this.

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