Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bad Joke of the Century! And it isn't Even Funny.

You remember Lynn Stewart? If only she and her terrorist sympathizer buddies would let us forget. As you might recall, This shyster made headlines when she was convicted of conspiracy and aiding terrorists by smuggling out instructions from the "Blind Mullah. For which she received a ridiculous twenty-eight months in prison and was disbarred. The conviction is, ofcourse, pending appeal.
According to, Michelle Malkin , the Hofstra University Law School has hired to teach, are you ready for this? Ethics. Like I said, a bad joke that isn't even funny. If I was a Hofstra LS alum my diploma would be in the shredder with the pieces on the way to the president with a letter of resignation. Then again, given that the name Hofstra doesn't leap to mind when you hear, "law school", it's probably a diploma mill in the first place. Their choice of faculty seems to indicate thus.

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