Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Justice Delayed... justice denied" as the old proverb goes. I started reading Maggie4life on several other blogs, mainly on Crystal Clear, as we discussed the case of Terri Schindler Schaivo. In, I remember Terri - the countdown begins, the Aussie lass explains how she came to follow the case from Down-Under. Her words are haunting, especially these:

What is even more shocking, though, is the way in which even to this day, almost 12 months after the feeding tube was forcibly removed on the orders of her guardian, Terri Schindler remains a person who cries out for justice. Even from the grave, Terri's voice continues to cry out for justice against all who were complicit in the decision-making that brought about her death.

This is where I am on this case. Unfortunately justice is still denied Terri while her widdowed "husband" gets face-time with Matt Lauer, according to Crystal who does a masterful job of fisking the...#%@&# (sorry I don't like using the language I was thinking.

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