Monday, March 20, 2006

But Wait! there's More!

The Dawn Patrol is reporting about Pedophiles' Pal Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's latest venture into tackiness. The same people who created "Superhero for Choice" has hit upon a new inducement: chance at a free iPod. Here is the copy, straight from their own website(look under "Did You Know?"):

You can win an iPod!
Come in for an appointment at any of our 8 health centers before April 30th and enter to win an iPod.
Make an appointment today!

I guess their justification is that their clientel represents a demographic that otherwise cannot afford iPods. Some lucky girl can now win one and be spared the stigma of possibly getting caught stealing one. An aborted child seems such a small price to pay, don't you agree?

No, I do not agree at all. Have they so trivialized human life that that the life of an unborn child is a "small price" to pay for a chance at an iPod? Apparently so.
Curt Jester has a great possible play list for the PP iPod

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