Saturday, March 18, 2006

I hope this Hastens Their Demise

Michelle Malkin: MOUSSAOUI'S BUDDIES: U.S. AIRLINES? is a more than startling look at whay may have happened in the Moussaoui case. As you may have heard by now, the judge at the Zacarius Moussoui trial has gutted the prosecution case for the death penalty against Mousaoui. Allegations have come to light that the Transportation Security Agency lawyer who "coached" prosecution witnesses was acting to help two government bailout recipients, United Airlines and American Airlines. It seems that undermining the prosecution's case helps out their defense in a separate civil suit. According to the AP
If this is true then these two airlines deserve to become history. And I don't mean the kind of history you look back on with pride. I also think those who hatched this scheme should have to share a cell with Moussaoui himself. I feel for the many people who would lose jobs as a result of this scenario, but would they really want to work for such industrial whores?

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