Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maybe Now They will Listen...

...and as Wayne Campbell would say, "Sh'eah right! And maybe monkeys will come flying out my butt!" In Grizzly Report: We Are At War. MonicaR relates her experience at a meeting sponsored by CAIR-Philly. According to Monica, "It pains me to say it. There was a sliver of me that wanted to believe my President when he told me that Islam is the 'Religion of Peace.' " Apparently this meeting erased even that sliver.
Read about her experience here rather than take my word for it. This was not some right-wing-kook-tin-foil hat-conspiratist rally, but this was from the horses mouths. I was always tought that if you want to be trusted then don't act in ways that raise suspicion. Apparently the good folks at CAIR never got that advice. At least not at this gathering.

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