Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And if You thought "Freedom Fries" was a Silly Gesture.

Michelle Malkin among others are reporting the latest rage in Iran, "Mohammedan Pastries", known to the civilized world Danish Pastries. Now I thought the act of referring to french fires as freedom fries was just plain silly, as was the new name for the deep fried taters. This latest act by the circus known as the Iranian government did not, however, provoke the same laughter. All we (by "we" I am referring to a small minority of US citizens) did was (badly) rename a popular side dish, we didn't riot, pillage and go out looking for French people to murder while burning down their embassy.
Of course this could be the real reason behind the idiot teacher in Ipswich, England demanding they stop calling another pastry, "hot cross buns". Soon as I get a whole job I plan on enjoying a surfeit of raspberry danish (what better choice of fruit) and hot cross buns.

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