Friday, February 03, 2006

And Why should Today be Any Different?

According to Michelle Malkin and the London Daily Telegraph a leading Islamic cleric is calling for an "international day of anger." My response is, "And that would distinguish it from every other day how?" Let's face it, all we hear, read and see in the news is how some Muslim somewhere is "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore" then orders some wild-eyed sycophant to go blow himeslf up and take a few Jewish pizza-eaters with him.Alternately go kidnap somebody and saw their heads off.
Many American "journalists" think this is appropriate behavior. I say this due to their willingness to acded to their demands not to show the editorial cartoons because it might upset the Muslims' deeply held spiritual beliefs. Of it never stopped them from running similar items that any reasonable person would deem a smear against conservative Christians. Perhaps because they can be fairly certain the reaction will not be extremely violent and will in some places be applauded. If you think this is a veiled accusation of cowardice on the part of our news media, it is.

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