Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sure, It's not the Stanley Cup, but...

It is a story worthy of the Stanley Cup. However, it is about the Liberty Bowl trophy. First a little background. Until 1995 USC (That's the University of South Carolina, not the pretender on the west coast who named themselves for a people who were fooled by a wooden horse) was 0-8 in bowl appearamces and held the record for the longest bowl losing streak (thank you, Notre Dame for releaving us of that "honor" this year). You would think that somebody would have noticed that the trophy was missing.
Well it was and it wasn't. According to The State | 01/06/2007 | Liberty Bowl trophy takes slow ride home to USC it had been entrusted to the team's long snap center, senior, Scott Morgan. Well, Mr. Morgan slept through his wake up call and missed the team bus to the airport, and, consequently the plane back to Columbia. Fortunately some of his friends were still in Memphis so the trophy rode in the backseat between two passengers. They did stop at a Hooters in Conyers, Georgia where it sat in the back seat covered by jackets (didn't want any UGA fans to get any ideas).
When asked if they did anything like drink beer out of it like has been known to be done with the Stanley Cup they replied that they did think about it, but the bell would not turn upside-down. The trophy did make it back undamaged except for one big crack, but it was supposed to be there.

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