Monday, January 01, 2007

The HP Postie Patrol

This is a sponsored post, so no whining that it looks like a commercial. It is a commercial.
I like HP. I have two of their printers, one of which is almost 8 years old and still works, it just does not suit my needs any more. The newer one more than meets my needs. Their "Picture Book" commercial stands as one of greatest of all times, in my opinion.
Now the folks at HP Digital Photo Printing have come up with the Postie Patrol. Basically they send you on a scavenger hunt for cash and prizes. Something like this:

Wasn't that fun? I loved the way she didn't panic when they kept telling her she was running out of time. Her attempt at making a snow angel in snow that had frozen over was rather entertaining too. Would I welcome the chance to participate in the Postie Patrol? Heck yeah!
This post is sponsored by HP.

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