Friday, June 30, 2006

The Quest for Legitimacy

Lost In Lima Ohio describes an underhanded attempt by the odious Lindsey Ashford and Todd Nickerson to use a legitimate children's charity to give him and his fellow pedophiles a veneer of respectability. It seems that he sent his Alice Day collection, totalling in excess of $1000(the figure keeps changing with each retelling), to Save the Children. Now StC accepted the donation without reading the letter (this according to StC). Using the form letter informing him of the acceptance of the donation he issued a press release where it boasts that StC's acceptance of the money conferred some kind of recognition that they really aren't such bad people after all (not his exact words but clearly the impression he wished to leave).

Now if Nickerson et al wish to make donations to legitimate charities, fine. But do not turn it into a PR stunt like he did. Lilo of Lost in Lima Ohio and another blogger made sure that Save The Children was aware of Mr. Nickerson's activities. When StC learned of the nature of Nickerson's website, they returned the donation. Ever since then Nickerson and his cohorts have been having a hissy fit. After i post this I fu7lly expect "Gary" to return and "enlighten" us on how we are too stupid to understand that they mean no harm. His posts, this time, will be deleted as soon as I can get to them. This is one opinion which is not open to debate here. I guess that is how they deal with being exposed as the opportunists they are. They wouldn't hesitate to have their way with a child, so why should we expect them not to turn what should have been a charitible contribution into public relations stunt.

This, however, is not the worst thing they have done. It seems that Lindsey Ashford has a voting guide. He is handing out political endorsements based on the attractiveness of a candidate's children or grandchildren. They even include pictures. Currently their endorsement is for Senator Barak Obama. I wonder what his reaction to this is. Lilo has the link, I don't have the stomach to put it here this morning, maybe later.

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