Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's Give Him the Same Presumption

It leems that the left's latest military darling is like their previous one (John Kerry)a decorated war hero whos decorations are now called into question.

Col. Cut-n-run seems to be a prime example of what Ann Coulter was talking about. Somebody who they think their opponents cannot question. If they do the opposition is met with, "How dare you! S/He is a decorated vetran/grieving widow". Now there are allegations that the only thing Murtha did to earn his Purple Heart was to beg for it according to allegations made by WWII vetran, Harry M. Fox (USN).

Now, Murtha apologists will (rightly) point out that these are only allegations. It will also be further pointed out that he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. I agree. Therefore I will extend to Col. Cut-n-run the same presumption of innocence that he has extended to the Marines accused in the Haditha incident. Don't forget, he has already tried and convicted them even though the investigation is incomplete and no Courts Martial has even been conviened.

HT:ALa at Blonde Sagacity

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