Friday, January 06, 2006

Your Honor, Somebody's Soul IS Corroded...

... and it is your's. It seems Judge Edward Cashman does not believe in punishment because it does not work. He thinks that two months is an appropriate sentence for Mark Hulett and his his molestation (I refuse to use the euphemism, "sexual abuse" in this case) of a girl over a four year period. From the time she was seven until the age of ten, Mark Hulett raped this girl repeatedly...and gets two months! I might could see that IF, and only if it were an isolated incident, but this went on over a four year span!
Yes, I know he also he has to "receive sex offender treatment as rehabilitation" or face life. If it is like most of those type courses all he has to do is show up and behave himself for the duration. Which means that in all likelihood he will be inconvenienced for about eight months total. This compared to the suffering he inflicted over a four year span.
This leads me to the most galling aspect of this story, the judges sanctimoneous lecturing of those in the court. Cashman said, "The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul,". If all is does is lie there and fester and is nursed, that is true. Having said that, what he did was paint the victim and her family as something less than deserving of sympathy. So Judge Cashman no longer believes in punishment. If that is so he is no longer fit to serve on the bench. Apparently, in Judge Cashman's belief that anger accomplishes nothing takes precedence. I would like to remind da judge that was more than just mild annoyance that ended slavery in this country. It was more than being a little miffed that led to civil rights reforms during the Sixties. It took anger to make those steps forward. With a little luck for the people of Vermont, anger will have the positive effect of getting this cretin off the bench.
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