Thursday, January 05, 2006

The MSM Stikes Back...In a Sneaky Under-handed Way

In a post onPatterico’s Pontifications written back in spring of LAST YEAR, a person named "Biff" posted the following:

"Patrick Frey? a deputy district attorney? commenting on the LA Times? and people care what you think because….????"
Thing is, he did it just the other day. I guess he thought he was being cute.

Apparently ol' Biff was unaware that that WordPress captures IP addresses and gives them to the site owner. Well guess who owns that IP addy?
Hint: What newspaper is Patterico a very vocal critic of and who owns it? That's riiiiiiiiiiight! The LA Times which is owned by the Tribune Company of Chicago, Illinois. That's right, some hack from Tribune thought he would be cute and post a few dismissive insults around the blog. Kind of a drive-by flip-off. From this point forward, the next time somebody from any Trib-owned paper starts talking about such things as "ethics", "courage" and "journalistic integrity" I will just remember this, chuckle and sing this parody of a jingle used on WGN (another Trib company) during the 80's:

Kids at the Tribune havin' a good time
They're all trollin' Patterico

just a side note, they used actual version that jingle primarily to promote the Bozo the Clown show

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