Thursday, August 04, 2005

In Support of the Right to Vote (Fraudulently)

In a rather perverse episode of "Where Were You When..." I have to say I was actually in Atlanta getting ready to head home when Cynthia Tucker went off the deep end. In Easy to identify hypocrisy of Georgia Republicans' voter ID law
, Ms. Tucker revives the old, "what about non-drivers" objection to requiring voters supply a photo ID at the time they go to exercise the franchise. In this piece, Tucker tells us of the plight of 93-year old Mamie Fields, a nursing home resident who only had to show her social security card in the last election.

But Gov. Sonny Perdue and the GOP-dominated Legislature have gotten tough on people like Fields, who is 93, so she won't be able to get away with that again. Claiming they were on the lookout for fraudulent voters, GOP legislators pushed through a stringent voter ID law that would force Georgians to show a state-sponsored photo ID. But Mamie Fields doesn't have one. She hasn't driven in many years, she said.

Is that the only objection? That is rather easily fixed. You see many states, INCLUDING GEORGIA issue a photo ID to non drivers. If Ms. Tucker had done even a minor ammount of homework she would have known that. That would, of course, have made her column less melodramatic, but she would at least not looked like she was supporting the right to vote fraudulently. Let's face it, anybody who would say say something like, "I wish I could vote lots of times. I want to throw all those rascals in Washington out" on the record needs to be viewed. Ms. tucker apparently neglected to find out that "vote early and vote often" does not refer to the same least not legally.

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