Tuesday, August 30, 2005

If Abbas will not Do anything, Re-Open the Settlement

Israle forcibly removed people from the Gaza settlement. One of Israel's former PMs resigned on protest. Looks like he was right. This past Sunday there was another suicide bombing. Palestinian President Abbas condemned the act, rhetoricaly. President Bush is at last telling Abbas it is time for him to stand up to the terrorists among his people. Anybody care to start a pool as to how long before Israel gets blamed for this too, or accused of undermining the "roadmap" if she retaliates? Let's face it, in the eyes of many, particularly the US news medis, Palestinian terrorists are the darlings. Even Senator Hillary Clinton can publicly embrace Yasser Arafat's now-widow (he was alive at the time) and not get called on it.
Israel is right to be paranoid, some will not be happy until every Israeli is pushed into the sea, and every non-Israeli Jew soon follows. Many do not want to admit that we are witnessing a global holocost, but do you really think that the Islamo-facists will stop with the destruction of Israel?
More later.

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