Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Wish Tom would just Cruise on Outta here

Quite frankly I am sick of the whole Tom-Katie thing. One of the side effects of over-exposure is that sometimes things get exposed that should be. Like when one party seems to have an almost maniacal obsession with the other.
Thanks to Michelle Malkin I came across Now I find Tom Cruise's romance of someone half his age disturbing. Especially his insistance that Warner Brothers pay a Scientology rep to be with her (feeling a bit insecure, Tom?). Katie, however, is a big girl. If she thinks that someone with Tom's track record is a good bet for a life together, well she probably needs to have her head examined, but it is her choice. At least I hope it is her choice.
Normally I do not care too much about the wife-swapping game called celebrity romance. But there is something disturbing about this. Almost as disturbing as a 47 year-old man wanting to share his bed with little boys.

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