Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Big Day for the Culture of Death

I will start with the relatively trivial. The Oscar nominations are out..."The Passion..." was, to no one's surprise, snubbed in the majors. But got a couple of bones tossed to it with tech nominations for cinematography and make-up. Who and what did get major nominations? Well, the stars and vehicles about a pedophile, a back-alley abortionist and Clint Eastwood's celebration of euthansia. I refuse to name any of them.
Now that the trivia is out of the way, on to the big story. The Florida Supreme Court has cleared the way for Terry Schiavo to die [registration required]. I am sick of hearing about "Terry's right to die". If we knew it was Terry's wish that would be one thing. The problem is that we have only her husband's and a few of his friends' word that that was her wish. Unfortunately for Terry, hubby's track record in the realm of integrity leaves something to be desired.I am not comfortable with the idea that I could be "mercy killed"(don't you just love that oxymoronic phrase) on the say-so of someone who is inconvenienced by my state of health.
Of course when you come right down to it, the whole culture of death, the celebration of abortion that Planned Parenthood engages in, the whole thing about involuntary euthanasia boils down to a matter of comfort and convenience for the people pushing it...in my opinion that is.
I think what galls me in all this is the people we, as a society, choose to celebrate. Look at the oscar nominees. And don't be surprised if one day Michael becomes the hero in all this (in the eyes of some) and we see an Oscar nomination for best picture for the "Michael Schiavo Story"

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Dawn said...

Good point--you may not be far off in your "Michael Schiavo Story" prediction. Speaking of the culture of death, thanks for defending me against the commenter who likened my pro-choice position to the Taliban.