Sunday, December 19, 2004

White House Hanukkah: Wasn't "The Passion" Supposed to Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism?

Dennis Prager, in an LA LA Times op-ed piece reflects on celebrating Hanukka at the White House with the President and Mrs Bush. You know, that evil Christian nutcase hate-monger that the Red Staters foisted on us.
I remember when "The Passion" came out it was supposed to make life hell for Jews in America because Evangelical Christians would feel justified in doing violence against Jews. Now if the Pres. was like he has been protrayed by the mainstream media in this country, this COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. The pres et al would be making pronouncement after pronouncement decrying the "evil influence of the Jew"
First of all, any Christian with an ounce of biblical understanding knows that Jesus himself was a Jew. There is absolutely NO biblical justification for hating Jews...period. The press does not know this, they accept the rantings of KKK types as a source authority for contemporary Christian thought on the matter when it suits their purpose. their purpose of making Christians as unthinking intolerant morons.
Which brings us to the press' hypocracy. While they decry Anti-Semitism in the US, they bend over forward and grab their ankles to justify it in Jerusalem. Now, they will argue that that violence is anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic. Folks, the only difference between the two is that anti-Zionism is nothing more or less than selective anti-Semitism. Kind of like a Klansman saying he only hates Blacks of a certain shade or darker.

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