Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tis the Season

Oh, for those carefree days where my disgust with the perversion of Christmas (or as we have been coearced into by the PC thought police, the "happy Holiday" season.) was pretty much limited to ham-fisted, psuedo-clever crass advertising campaigns. Remember Norelco's, "Even our name says,'Merry Christmas': Noel-Co" (I have to admit that the animated Santa riding the razor head was cute though) Thanks to Dawn Eden's The Dawn Patrol, I see such have taken a new low.
First there is the "Immaculate Contraception" ad campaign for a mornng-after pill. First off, there is a long-standing confusion between "Imaculate Conception" and virgin birth. The imaculate conception refers to the notion that mary was different. Her own conception was imaculate and she was not born in sin, as the rest of us (this notion is long disputed by non-Roman Catholics). None the less this is still offensive to Christians both Catholic and Non-Catholic. The mornng-after pill is not safe and effective, and certainly not something that should be so glibly advised...even by it a manufacturer.
But think for a moment. Young Mary, approximately age 14, expecting and unmarried(I will address this a little later in another post). The Nazareth chapter of Panned Parenthood ...well you can figure where this is going. Joseph and Mary have been trotted out, incorrectly, by homeless advocates, and I do seem to remember some pro-life groups pointing out, rightly I believe, that Mary is in PP's target group...teenaged "unwed" mothers. Now before the pro-choice crowd cries "fowl", it is known that there is an extreme faction in the pro-choice camp that believes that every abortion that can be had, much be had and pressure is brought to bear.
This brings me to Elanore Smeal.
She is bent out of shape because the head of Catholics for Choice has called on the pro-choice side to at least acknowledge that there is tragedy in abortion. She even goes on to talk about the "Joy" of abortion. JOY? I guess if you are one of those self-absorbed twits more concerned with her bikini line than suffering I guess there might be some joy. They wouldn't be hard spot...they will be the ones wearing the "I had an abortion" t-shirts from the fine folk at Clamor Magazine. Ms. Smeal, even if we are talkng about an early-term abortion for an eleven-year-old victim of incest, or a partial-birth abortion, there is tragedy. There is no relief and certainly no joy. Just do us a favor and go back to reading your copy of Clamor.

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